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Rail and Road Tanker
Rail and Road Tanker Oil Rubber Hose Electrically Bonded Road & Rail Tanker Hose of Rubber, Resistant to Petroleum Products. Tube : Uniform seamless Lining of suitable rubber compounding highly resistant to Petroleum Products. Reinforcement : Plies of woven textile which is wellrubberized from both sides with a suitable rubber compound and a helical GS wire embedded between the fabric plies. Electrical Bonding : Low resistant electrical bonding wire is in-corporated between the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose. Cover : Smooth/ Corrugated synthetic rubber compound which is resistant to weather, abrasion and petroleum products. End Connection : Hose can be supplied with built in nipple, with or without flanges. This hose used for loading/unloading of Road / Rail Tanker carrying Petroleum and blended products which have an aromatic hydrocarbon Global Transmission No. 37, Strand Road, I Floor Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 001, India Email : Fone: 98301-61971
  • 2018-09-14T10:23:45

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