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AIR WATER RUBBER PNEUMATIC HOSES Flexible hoses for water and air are designed to convey tap water, industrial water, sewage, cooling water, cold and hot water for washdown applications and to transfer compressed air (compressors, pneumatic tools, hose reels). The hoses are made of rubber, PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene and reinforced with textile braid or cord, with plastic or steel wire helix. Except for general purpose hoses this group also covers: special purpose hoses intended to cool furnaces in steel mills, resistant to high temperature and heat radiation; lay flat fire hoses on hose reels; sewage hoses used to empty portable toilets and septic tanks; hoses for exhaust systems and sanitary installations of yachts and boats; hoses intended for snow making equipment; hot air blower hoses used on tank trucks; There is also a special type of hoses in this group – layflat delivery hoses with a very thin wall, which are collapsible when not in use and that is why they are widely used as fire hoses, fire hydrant hoses, irrigation hoses, watering hoses in agriculture and at construction sites. Fittings intended for water and air hoses (see INDUSTRIAL FITTINGS) should be mounted with worm-drive clamps and bolt clamps, they can be crimped with ferrules using crimping machines, taped or wired. For water and air hoses see also: steam rubber hoses, food hoses, chemical hoses, ducting hoses, steel hoses, PTFE hoses, silicone hoses, Global Transmission No. 37, Strand Road, I Floor Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 001, India Email: Fone: 98301-61971
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HYDRAULIC HOSES & ASSEMBLIES Rubber hydraulic hoses are used for power transmission and control in hydraulic systems. Designed for hydraulic oil, working temperatures from -40 to +100°C and working pressure till 420 bar (42 Mpa). Due to its construction, hydraulic hoses can be divided into following categories: hoses with textile braid (one or two layers). hose with one or two layers of steel wire braid (one, two and three layers). hoses with spiral wire braid (four or six layers). Hydraulic hoses are manufactured in imperial sizes and standardised. The most popular standards defining requirements for hoses are as follows: American SAE, German DIN, International ISO and European EN. Apart from standardised hoses (according to above mentioned norms) our offer includes hoses with increased flexibility, higher working temperature, increased abrasion resistance of external layer or better chemical resistance. For a proper choice of hydraulic hose to a particular application below mentioned aspects has to be taken into account: working pressure and working conditions (static/dynamic), medium and ambient temperature. Hydraulic hoses designed for mining applications must fulfil additional requirements connected with explosives and fire conditions present in mines. Hydraulic hoses assembled with the use of fittings crimped on crimping machines. Global Transmission No. 37, Strand Road, I Floor Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 001, India Email : Fone: 98301-61971
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